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The new Safed Puzzle Room is the attraction that Tzfat (Safed)’s been waiting for! Perfect for locals and visitors, it’s the best way to get to know the history and culture of Safed (Tzfat), while having mind-bending fun! Any trip to the Galil must include this new activity!

What is the Puzzle Room?
A Puzzle Room is an escape-room style activity, without being locked into the room. You will have an AMAZING time while you race against the clock to solve all the clues and complete your mission! It’s sure to be one of the highlights of your time in the North!

What kind of Puzzles are you talking about?
There are puzzles of all kinds in the puzzle room, including logic puzzles, codes, opening locks, and much more!

We’re not giving you more details here – we don’t want to spoil the fun!

Who’s it for?
It’s perfect for groups, for families, and as a team-building activity. Anyone of any background can come to the Puzzle Room and have a great time! Just to clarify, the puzzles are CHALLENGING – it’s not a children’s activity, though families are welcome to bring their kids and involve them in the fun! The Safed Puzzle Room is uniquely designed to accommodate groups of all sizes, from 2-40 people!

Safed, the mystical city, is known as the Capital of the Galilee. We’ve seen the name of the city spelled Safed, Tzfat, Zefat, Tsfat, Sfat, Tsfas, Sefad. Let us know when you visit if we missed any other spellings!

Safed Puzzle Room
7 Ha’Aliyah Bet Street


2 people: 100 NIS per person
3-5 people: 90 NIS per person
6-10 people: 80 NIS per person
11+ people: 75 NIS per person

Pricing applies to ages 10 and up.

Ages 2-9: 15 NIS per child.

10% discount for chayalim and National Service volunteers.

Tzfat Residents: We have a special discount for you! Call for more information.


“We had a blast ages 10 through 60 something. Everyone saw something in a different way. The idea is well thought out and you can learn some things about Tzfat in the process. We all left smiling. Recommended for sure!!!” – Laya

“Next time you come to Tzfat be sure to check out the Safed Puzzle Room.
Fun for the whole family.
Great learning experience!”
– Jodi

“A fantastic challenge. Had no plans for our day in Safed and stumbled upon Safed Puzzle Room. What a wonderful accident! It was challenging but not impossible. Made us think and work together – a family ranging from age 7 to 70. The excitement was evident each time we solved one of the puzzles and everyone joined in the fun (when the little ones had a hard time or got bored there were even coloring sheets and activities for them to engage in while the rest continued working on the puzzles). Definitely worth visiting next time you find yourself up in the North of Israel…” – Alex


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